A little more Detail

It's the steps, not one giant leap, that get you to the top of the kids' playground mountain.
Here are the larger projects I've managed over the years.


New Tech Hub Concept

A first in the industry, VTEX converted its NYC office into a coworking space for ecommerce professionals and partners. I led the rebranding project, taking it from a concept to a fully utilized floor made for collaboration, networking, and events.

carbon footprinting

While implementing new shipping partnerships into the VTEX platform, I led a team to develop a solution that calculated the carbon footprint of those shipments for our clients and their customers. While still in beta, reports show that customers are willing to offset their own shipments (or at least a portion) and have a positive affinity towards the brand for offering the option – leading to higher adoption levels and conversion rates for those who use the feature.


Eshopper.Global Discovery

ESHOPPER reports on the world's best ecommerce websites. In addition to their rankings, we built a discovery platform that aggregated data from Google Lighthouse, BuiltWith, Charm.io, and our own crawler to calculate a proprietary score and generate a summary report for ecommerce operators, system integrators, and agencies – ultimately bringing new leads and strengthening partnerships.


As a Brazilian-based company that had less than 75 employees in the US, listing on the NYSE during COVID proved to be exceptionally difficult – especially after moving up its listing plans by 2 months. The North American marketing team put together interviews, city banners, social media campaigns, and multiple vaccinated events leading up to the big day to ensure that it was a success for staff, clients, and investors. The campaign was awarded 2021's SABRE Award.

Red Ventures acquisition

For more than a year, Red Ventures courted Lonely Planet as an acquisition target to join their travel vertical (The Points Guy, Million Mile Secrets, & Travel Credit Cards). I led the digital due diligence and managed the transition to RV with the CFO after the deal closed in 2020.


Pivoting after two decades

When COVID hit, the annual Best in Travel campaign had to change. Instead of focusing on the est cities and countries to visit, we were successful in changing the narrative to focus on inclusion, community, and sustainability wherever you are. The campaign drew over a billion impressions, was covered by CNN, The Independent, and other highly read publications, and brought in the highest value sponsorship from Kayak and the Australian Tourism Board.

Launching with Google

In 2020 Google came to Lonely Planet to create a new medium for articles - their take on Instagram and Snap Stories. Within 6 months we had created over 300 Web Stories that had driven millions of visitors. Due to the success of the launch partnership, Google renewed our contract to continue writing stories and continues to highlight them in marketing materials about the new feature.

Premium placement with Apple

As Apple planned to update iOS14 and BigSur with new maps features, we were the first they approached about building out collections. Within three months, the team had integrated into the Apple platform and I worked with the Apple marketing team to make sure that we were highlighted throughout WWDC, their press, and on the Apple homepage - as well as continued support as the feature is rolled out to new markets.

Recurring Membership

As Lonely Planet's first digital product, Membership focuses on a recurring revenue model wherein members receive an all-access pass to the Lonely Planet Guides app and Lonely Planet TV - both of which used to be free to view - and exclusive discounts to Lonely Planet's Shop and partners. This new model also meant creating a whole new backend that supported authenticated profiles, payment processing, verified member coupon codes, and cross-platform advertising.


On the precipice of events being cancelled due to COVID, the RGE team nearly doubled revenues and profits of the annual UNSPAM conference in Greenville, South Carolina compared to 2019. The event included speakers and guests from Dribbble, Brooklinen, Oracle, Tattly, Gitlab, Toast – bringing in hundreds of people all over the world who looked to network, learn, and share their knowledge of communicating to their customers.

Branded Excursions

A project that took almost 18 months to come into fruition, Lonely Planet Experiences are based on the success we were seeing with other activity providers. With over 300 tours in more than a hundred cities around the world, these multi-day and single-day Experiences booked millions of dollars in the first month. Currently on hold due to COVID, the team is still building out unique tours for domestic travelers.

2019 and prior (more coming soon)

Ultimate Travel list

How do you top a bestseller? With the second edition of Ultimate Travel List coming out in fall 2019, I set out to beat our record with the first edition's launch. Securing placement on the BBC, Refinery29, The Independents' Book Review, coupled with coordinated social media influencers, the campaign had a reach of 200 million in its first month and topped the book charts in 6 of our key markets.

Book the attraction

Prior to 2017, all you could do on LonelyPlanet.com was read about the attractions. With a focus to bridge a gap between those who planned and those who booked, I built relationships with ticketing networks and oversaw the API development to match tickets and activities to their respective attractions. Within one year, Lonely Planet became one of the biggest sellers of city passes and booked millions of dollars through Viator.

Shop Lonely planet

LonelyPlanet.com was established in 1994 – one of the first publisher sites on the web – and the ecommerce site in 2016 didn't act or feel much different since those days. I overhauled the entire shop, migrating from a homegrown system to a API-based PaaS which reduced overhead and maintenance fees by 75%. The new system accounted for regional warehouses around the world, localization and currency, and consolidated admin rights across all our ecommerce sites. Moreover, the PIM was accessible and tied to location-based articles allowing us to host products within content with multiple options between physical and digital versions.